Erasmus Mundus Success Stories from Indonesia: Danang Ari Raditya

This is a start of a series of videos showcasing Erasmus Mundus success stories from Indonesia. In the videos, alumni (and perhaps in the future, also awardees) tell their experience during their Erasmus Mundus course. The videos are inspired by Lingkar Ide PPI Australia. The videos are in Indonesian but subtitled in English.

Scenes from Episode 1: Danang

This first episode features Danang Ari Raditya, alumnus of MSc in European Forestry (MScEF). He studied in 6 universities in Europe (Sweden, Germany, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria). After graduated in 2009, he returned to Indonesia that same year. He now works for IKEA as a forestry co-ordinator of Southeast Asian region.

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