Erasmus Mundus Success Stories from Indonesia: Nayarini Estiningsih

This is the second episode of a series. In the videos, alumni (and perhaps in the future, also awardees) tell their experience during their Erasmus Mundus course. The videos are in Indonesian but subtitled in English.

Scenes from Episode 2: Nayarini

This second episode features Nayarini Estiningsih, alumna of MSc in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM). She studied in 3 universities in Europe (Hungary, Greece, the UK). After graduated in 2007, she started her career in the UK. She now works for a company in Cambridge, which designs and develops medical devices.

You can also watch the first episode, or other videos as well.


  1. ersan kusuma says

    is she from sttn batan jogja ??? i am proud of her, coz i am from there too. it’s just a little college. but i don’t know this graduate is bigger.

    • raizamn says

      What do you mean by bigger? Nayarini lulusan STTN BATAN Jogja tahun 1997. Udah nonton belum? Videonya dalam bahasa Indonesia kok.

      • nayarini says

        yg dimaksud ‘bigger’, mungkin, ternyata lulusan PATN ada yg ‘keren’ juga hehehehee *ge-er* – lost in translation ini mah Za…:-p
        kamu angkatan tahun berapa Ersan Kusuma?