QEM Introduction

A bit old info (late 2007) from Anggie, but perhaps still relevant

QEM stands for Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics.

Please visit the official website for this program: http://www.univ-paris1.fr/diplomes/master-erasmus-mundus-qem/

Most of the students enrolled in the QEM come with either mathematics and economics as their bachelor degree background. Although, every year, there will be some exceptions. People from background beside mathematics or economics are enrolled in the program.

Some of QEM Facts:

  1. There is a GPA limit for QEM.
    Most of the other Erasmus Mundus Master Program that I know of does not set up a minimum GPA for their students to graduate. But QEM have this.
  2. You have more advantage if you have a mathematics background.
    Yes, generally. But not really.
  3. The first year of QEM is mostly consist of mathematics courses. Some of them were usually thought in the bachelor degree in Indonesia, most of them not. So there IS an advantage having a mathematic background, just not that much.

  4. They’re slow.
    Yes, they are. They are slow in replying e-mail enquiries. They are slow in up-dating the website, they are just slow. Period. So when you send them e-mail, make sure it’s not during holidays, because the mails would end up deleted while being unread.

Some of QEM Fictions:

  1. It’s an Erasmus Mundus Master Program, they SHOULD be speaking English
    The truth is…they BARELY speak English. Especially those in France.
  2. They are famous universities, you’ll have the time of your life studying there.
    Not really. They are old and known universities, for sure. But it’s actually the first few years they are trying to organize an international class. So there are LOTS of hiccups here, there, and everywhere. There is NOTHING that they are sure of…about ANYTHING.

All of the above might sound…bad. But it’s not the main point as to why I write it.
Since it’s an introduction to the program, and you could access the official website of the program from the link I gave above, then I just thought I give you an ‘insider’ view of what’s inside. Not just the usual program advertisement.